Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jewish North African Food

France's southern jewish community, is mainly comprised of north african jews. In some instances you may hear them being refered to as 'les pieds noirs.' They arrived in France in the 60s, from countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco..etc--praticising various degrees of religiosity, yet nevertheless clinging to their traditions.

Marseille, France has a nice 'black hatter' community, which was started by a few English orthodox Ashkenazim about 20 years ago. I spend a lot of time there actually. The community is made up of many baalei teshuva and a few FFBs as well.

Their traditions range from household to household.

Moroccan's are known for their mint tea: a few pinches of green tea in boiling water to give it body, mixed with a bunch of french mint leaves. Nothing better~!

I was suprised to find out that Havdula here is very different from the Ashkenazic one I am used to hearing from Boro Park, same goes for Bentchen/Birchas Hamazoin..

The shabbos seuda, or 'repas chabbatique'

Is comprised of challot, fish (salmon mostly), dafina (a sfardi version of chulent) and favorite meal!

Voilà some photos:
Dafina: (aka chulent) with eggs and blé (wheat/barley)


The food is amazing.
Today I am going to a barbeque serving merguez and

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